To join Campus G, you must complete some steps and meet some criteria. This page will explain what you need to do and have to become a student.

All Courses…

1. Finding the appropriate subject of study

To get more information about the course you want to take, visit the product page. You will be redirected to another website when you complete the form. There, you will see the portfolio page of Campus G. It has more details about the courses and their fees.

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2. To obtain the eBrochure

After filling out the form on the main page, you will be directed to the eBrochure of the Campus G e-portfolio. There, you can learn more about the courses and their costs.

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Featured Courses…

3.To choose featured courses

If you are interested in learning about different types of visual communication, such as print media, web graphics and motion graphics, you can explore our package courses that cover these topics.

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Application Form…

4.Course Application Form

To apply for any individual or package courses, you need to complete the application form after choosing your subject. Check the available time slots with the Campus G admission desk before that.

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Fee Payments…

5. Fee Payment

You will get an email with the invoice after you complete the application. The admission desk will tell you beforehand which course has installment options and how to
pay for it.

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What Students Say​

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In 1998, I began my teaching career, and in 2005, I founded my ideal institution, Campus G. Numerous students have completed both online and offline coursework. Many Malayaleese, both inside and outside of India, are among them. Each of my devoted disciples’ reviews serves as a reference for aspiring graphic designers, and I am grateful that they took the time to write them.

– Vinoj Narendran, Founder, Campus G