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In 1998, I began my teaching career, and in 2005, I founded my ideal institution, Campus G. Numerous students have completed both online and offline coursework. Many Malayaleese, both inside and outside of India, are among them. Each of my devoted disciples’ reviews serves as a reference for aspiring graphic designers, and I am grateful that they took the time to write them.

– Vinoj Narendran, Founder, Campus G

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Very rewarding opportunity to learn enhance and grow your skill sets in design and animation. I would highly recommend this institution and Mr. Vinoj to any aspiring designer.

Shahin Aziz

Shaz Ad Store

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I started my photoshop classes with Vinoj Sir in September 2021 and I would strongly recommend the classes at Campus G. Vinoj sir is so patient with his students and he has the skillset to help us develop a strong base in Design. I have attended a couple of tutorials online during this lockdown but to be honest, this one has been so engaging. Feel free to ask away all your doubts and he will still be there answering them all. You can be so sure of what you are doing once you finish your course with Vinoj Sir. Few concepts like masks in photoshop are so well explained by him. Getting the basics right is the first step in any field and this is what he is so good at. I have finished my master’s in design and have received similar short courses in Sydney, Australia where I live, but I can confidently say that none take the time and effort to explain each detail of the subject like Vinoj sir. I was always doubtful to start the course remotely, mainly due to the time difference between both countries and also wasn’t sure how much of justice would a remote learning do to a design subject like photoshop, honestly this was gold! I would highly recommend this class to anyone. Thank you, Vinoj Sir. You have been wonderful. Cheers!

Preeti Sankar

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Vinoj Sir takes in depth classes and analyse our projects to make sure of our continued development. Undoubtedly one of the best places in Kochi to learn Graphic Designing from.

Vishnu Jyothis Lal

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I have completed my software training for photoshop and because of Campus G I have improved and doing good in my profession especially my editing skill in photography. I am doing freelance at @anjanaannaphotography and many of them told me I am doing good in grading my photographs. Thank you, Campus G, for improving my grading skill. I have learned many shortcuts and lot of things in detail about the photoshop software. Thank you, Vinoj sir.

Anjana Jose

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The Best Part of the Institute is you`d have Hands on experience from Day 1, 85% of the course will be Practical`s. Vinoj has his unique style of teaching, where in everyone will be comfortable and able to understand. He explains in very simple methodology. I am happy to be a part of his training. I work in one of the corporate and I thought it is the best institution for the animation and graphics.

Sandeep Chandran

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After my endless search for a good design school in Kochi, I finally landed up with Campus G. Mr. Vinoj Sir is by far the best Instructor I've had. The Classes are convenient, affordable and taught most easily. Campus G Offers one on one training which I believe is necessary when it comes to designing. So, if anyone is considering Campus G for Design courses, well just don't think twice. Go for it!!

Hebah Shafi

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My name is Sherin, I work in Kuwait. I came to know about campus g through a friend of mine and gave me a good comment. He was a student of Vinoj sir. I have successfully completed my graphic design course from campus G, and I got in depth knowledge about the software's. Notes and videos shared on Campus G site are very useful. I would highly recommend Campus G and Vinoj sir to all who are interested in designing.

Sherin joy

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I am extremely glad that I chose Campus G. Vinoj Narendran Sir is an excellent teacher and he is very passionate about what he does. Campus G focuses on developing individual interests and provides an in-depth knowledge about the field we wish to pursue. Campus G has a stress free and friendly learning atmosphere. Vinoj Sir is ready to help us anytime, he is the best mentor I could ask for. I highly recommend Campus G to anyone who is passionate to build a strong foundation in Design.

Soumya Kolangaden

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Campus G offers a comfortable learning environment. Vinoj sir is an approachable mentor. We can ask him any question related to designing, and he clears our doubts with the simplest explanations. He has a keen eye for good animation. I highly recommend his courses.

Nithin Dominic Koshy

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I met Vinoj mash(Sir) in 2009. One incredible person, I have ever met in my professional life. One knowledge bank, I say! If you have any doubts about any subject related to the creative field or any, you can ask him. He will defiantly have a solution for it. Else he will learn about that and come back with a solution immediately. Teaching should be done with passion. Once you find your students not able to understand a particular concept you should be ready to adapt new methods of teaching to explain to them. I feel that teacher should act as a guide to allow the student to choose his method of learning. And he is one of that kind. A good mentor, a brother, a well-wisher. Creative Guru

Manu B

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One of the Best Design Institute!!! I have done my Photoshop and Illustrator courses from Campus G (Vinoj Sir) I did my course through Online as I am staying in Dubai, UAE. I highly recommend Campus G to anyone who want to learn Graphic Design. Honestly, my plan was to do only Photoshop, but the tutor (Mr. Vinoj Narendran) was very sincere, and the classes were so good that I enrolled for Illustrator and InDesign also. Currently I am learning InDesign from him. The highlight of campus G is that you will get IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE & INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION!!! I'm glad that I found a right place to start my designing career. I will surely recommend to all Creative people...Vinoj sir will guide you, motivate you... he is a real mentor!! I will surely come back to Campus G to learn New Software in near future ... Good to go for Campus G!!

Reshma Nair

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It was a great course. Vinoj sir helped me to build the right foundation in Adobe After Effects by carefully explaining the basics of the software. Another advantage of this program is the one-on-one session where I got complete attention where my doubts were resolved each time. Sir always kept himself updated with the latest adobe update and things happening in the design field. It was really helpful. Thank you, sir.

Sara Bose

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Campus G is an excellent graphics design education portal with Vinoj Sir at its helm. He has outstanding knowledge on Adobe Creative Suite and is regularly updated on the all-new features that come out. I studied Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop under his guidance and can confidently say that his one-on-one classes and method of teaching were the best to get started on in my creative endeavor. His down to earth demeanor and extensive knowledge on the subjects make him an excellent guru to learn under. I wish him the best in life and will remain indebted to him for his guidance and mentorship.

Alan Aby

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I wanted to Thanks to Campus G which helped me to improve my knowledge after completion of graphic design Training. It increased my confidence, and I got my dream job in one of the most reputed IT Company.


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Fully detailed and enjoyable class. He's teaching as like a friend, and clear our doubt, I'm 100% satisfied with his teaching skills. Thank You Sir, God Bless You

Shone S

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Excellent Online Academy for learning Graphic Designing. Fully Satisfied with the classes. And very good teaching. 😀

Nivya Sajeesh

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I loved my photoshop courses from campus G I’ve managed to learn and understand photoshop so easily while having fun doing so. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to work with photoshop.

Nimmy Benny

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I have learned many graphics applications from Vinoj sir, and it helped me a lot in my career. If anyone is studying at Campus G, then no doubt you are going to get the best coaching. individual attention n perfect coaching. is their plus point. keep up your good work sir.

Refiq PV

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Education is the license to the future. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. So proud of you as you move on to Campus G! The perfect solution to improve your design skills with suitable software. Campus G will share the "tips and tricks" of the designs, that will help you to make brilliant designs.

Anil VK

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The most comprehensive tutoring you can get on Adobe design software's, Vinoj is a passionate teacher with in-depth knowledge across platform and real-world application on these software's, The classes are tailored to your needs, explaining the most complex features in a simple yet effective way, thank you Vinoj for sharing your immense knowledge and helping many young bright designers across the world to be their best!

Manjith PB

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Campus is a perfect choice for improving the skills in editing and photoshop. The commitment, dedication and one to one attention are really worth mentioning Kudos to the team.

Supriya Sumesh

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I done Print media specialization in Campus G. I got an advanced level training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. Faculty has also from an art background so we could do lots of experiments in different medias. I'm sure about that you will get high quality training from this institution & never regret it. Recommending 100%.

Stalin K Raju

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Campus G is the perfect solution to design your dream and life. It provides the complete package of leading software and give valuable certificate from Campus G. The backbone of the Campus G all in all one and only Vinoj sir is the best instructor and a great person. His different style of teaching simple, comfortable and easy to understand are the highlights of the Campus G. So, anyone is considering "design your life" call Vinoj sir and go to campus G.

Rajeev PC

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Campus G is one of the best institutes in Kerala. Learning from Campus G was a turning point in my life. Only Vinoj Mash is capable of understanding each student and imparting training and motivation to make them bright professionals.

Syamkumar S

Vikas Kapoor

I Have worked with Vinoj, The director of Campus G. He is a man of perfection, would not give up quality for any reason whatsoever. It was pleasure working… Learning Rather, from Vinoj. He is passionate about learning and training, great trouble shooter, Leader and very Inspiring gentleman. I wish I had more time to work with you and learn from you Vinoj. Wish you all the best.

Vikas Kapoor

Project Manager - Annalect India

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Campus G is an excellent training center for someone who is looking to learn design and image editing software's in a professional way. The institution's trainer, Mr. Vinoj Narendran is exceptionally knowledgeable and has experience working in top-tier multinational designing firms. He is a adviser with remarkable intuition and is enthusiastic about helping students get the right skillset to kickstart their career.

Siju P

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Teaching ability is a GIFT. In that scenario Mr. VINOJ is a Gifted Teacher...!!All the best dear...

Sumesh PS

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Learning in Campus G was a really excellent experience. The course was very informative and practical, which gave me in-depth knowledge in designing skills. Vinoj Sir is really a good mentor, he clears all our doubts and guides us. This course helped me to build more confidence about my creative design skills. Since this was a one-on-one course, I was able to attend this class online from Trivandrum, which was a great advantage. So, I highly recommend Campus G to all the creative people out there, where they can acquire the skills. This is one of the best institutes in Kerala for people who are looking forward to learning Graphic Design.

Namitha Gomez

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My relationship with my graphic design teacher, Vinoj began back in 1999. It's been 20 years since then. I still remember those days when I started with him my basics on graphic design. He is always very passionate about teaching. Even for me it's going to be two decades since I been into designing. Still on regular intervals I go and spend some quality time with him to learn new trends and to update myself with my software skills. I'm sure like me most of his students still keep a long-term relationship with him. I have and I always recommend Campus G to those who are very serious about learning graphic design and pursue it as a profession. I wish Vinoj, my teacher and my mentor all the very best. Regards Sunil Hassan

Sunil Hassan

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Very good organization. I can definitely say this from the experience of studying here. A teacher who knows exactly how to impart the experience of the subject he is teaching to the students… A learning method that makes you understand how it can be used beyond learning software... An institution you can choose with confidence. 100 marks out of 100.

Pratheesh Narayan

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I have learned many graphics applications from Vinoj sir, and it helped me a lot in my career. If anyone is studying at Campus G, then no doubt you are going to get the best coaching. individual attention n perfect coaching. is their plus point. keep up your good work sir.

Poonam Gupta

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I feel so proud that I was able to study print media and visual media from Campus G. After attending this in other centers I can clearly say this is the number 1 center. Every application full details are taught. The main factor of Campus G is Vinoj sir who teaches us with passion and who as knowledge in all areas. Those who are interests in studying print and visual media I suggest Campus G as the best center.

RKV Artist

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Campus G a great place to learn & explore print and visual media. Mr. VINOJ is a Gifted Teacher.

Jojin Joseph

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As a person has been a closer part of the institution, from the very seed bed of the dream, I am happy to share my assurance in its quality, depth as well as uniqueness in offering beyond the book experiences. Definitely a scholastically worthy must explore academy.

Suresh Kumar

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Campus G is one of the best graphic design Institute in Kerala. If anyone want to learn graphic design, I recommend only campus G and the strength and born of the campus G is the mentor Vinoj Sir I am so proud to say that he is my teacher.


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I am Midhu Varghese, from Velianad. I have studied in many institutions ... but I have never seen an instructor like him anywhere ... He is a good teacher. But in my experience, I can say that if we have a goal, he is a key to it ... I assure you that we can gain more knowledge than the money we give ... He is not only a teacher to me but also like a good family member. One thing I can assure you that he is a good way if you have a goal. With love and respect.

Midhu Varghese

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Campus G a great place to learn more and more. Compare to another Institute this place a nice and the instructor and director all in all one person. We can learn and clear all the doubts and technical issues and solve the problems without any hesitation anytime through phone or via mail.

Zealous Suresh

Nandhu Murali

It is an institute with homely feeling to study. I was fortunate to get the brilliant coaching of Vinoj sir. His style of teaching is such a help that we can learn from the basics.

Anandhu Murali

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I was a student in Campus G to learn Adobe InDesign in 2018. Vinoj Sir is best in teaching about Adobe software's and also Vinoj Sir knows how to handle the software. The classroom is so neat and it's a good class.

Rohith Vennikkal

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I am a student at Westford institute of film technology and learnt photoshop and illustrator from the very talented Vinoj sir and truly this is one of the best teaching faculty and experience you can get in Kerala.

Muhammed Afsal

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Met as our guest lecturer at Westford film institute, Kochi. A person with great knowledge on industry standard software's. Has a Unique style in teaching which makes any topics easy to understand. A good mentor to have if looking for a creative career. Happy to be his student.

Shyam Prasad

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When I was 3rd year for Bachelor of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, I only know the basics of photoshop. I used to hear about the technical knowledge of Vinoj mash and his passion towards learning new softwears. My choice was correct. I think an artist's doubts only can answered by another who always travelling the same path. Currently I am working as the Senior Art Director Group Head for Stark Communications. Definitely we need quick solutions in our short deadlines, maybe we have something in mind, and we don't know how to execute it. I only know 1 place to solve an artist's technical doubts rather than any certified course, that is Campus G.

Sushaj Sudhakar

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Good place to ones who like to explore print and visual media. One to one session is the key highlight... Good luck!!

Vivek KN

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This is institute provides a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere for studying. Throughout the course, I was able to learn more than what I actually came for and genuinely enjoyed every class. Every day I spent in class was totally worth it. Being someone who has difficulty in adjusting to new places, I was surprised that I felt right at home in Campus G. Vinoj Sir was very understanding and gave me the guidance and advice I really needed. I would 10/10 recommend this institute for anyone wanting to study design courses.


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The one and only graphics training institute for all the one's who would like to explore in print media design tools.

Vishnu Vinayan

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I decided to learn graphic design course by my passion for painting since childhood. My friend Mr. Sushaj (a well-known designer) introduced me to Vinoj sir's class while I was searching for a solid instructor for an online graphic design course. When I decided to enroll in his course, I was skeptical if I would learn the course in such a short period, let alone without any prior knowledge. But despite all of my doubts, I could complete the course successfully. This course is distinctive because it allows students to customize the course content as per their requirements. the course also offers an option to choose the class schedules at our convenience. The one-to-one class gave me the benefit of utilizing the allotted time to the fullest extent. Sir's friendliness and willingness to clear the doubts made the class more attractive. I owe a lot to Sir for maintaining a warm relationship even after completing the course. I am grateful for such a wonderful experience.

Arun TN

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Excellent training faculty. Trainer has having depth knowledge. He helps me a lot to build my career. I'm always thankful Vinoj sir.


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