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Campus G provide the necessary training and support required by organizations and individuals to succeed in the design and publishing sector. Our clientele includes some of the most prominent companies in publishing, advertising and creative services.


About Your Mentor

Our mentor Mr Vinoj Narendran has the direct industry experience and has been teaching design and development classes for over a decade. The students undergo extensive practical and theoretical training and are subject to periodical evaluation to ensure their development. Various quality control checks are also undertaken to ensure that their expectations are exceeded.



Campus G promotes continued education among all of our instructors. To ensure that a student receives the best possible training, we are constantly updating our trainers, software, hardware and teaching skills. Our trainers spend weeks each year just learning new tools and technologies.


Hands-On Learning

Here at Campus G, we provide students with practical hands-on experience in home assignments. To ensure the same, we provided Windows and Mac OS on-demand training. Also, we limit enrolment to better serve our students; the average class size being six students or less.

Our Training Services

016 Lecture

Small Group Classroom-Based Training

030 Video Tutorial

Instructor-Led Individual and Group Online Training

012 Training

On-Site Individual and Group Training

015 Elearning

Self-Paced Online Training Courses

029 Tutor 2

Instructor-Led Individual Training

007 Diploma

Coaching for Print, Web and Visual Media Individuals

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Vinoj Narendran

Founder, Campus G

Mentor's Bio

With 25 years of experience as a professional graphic designer,
Vinoj Narendran, known with reverence in the students’ circle as the beloved Vinoj Maash, possesses unmatched expertise in the print medium as well as graphics training. He has functioned as a developer and teacher of numerous design courses for a vast client base, including corporate and individual graphics professionals. Currently, a freelance graphic designer undertaking work in business-to-business, commercial and public sectors, Vinoj Maash’s industrial exposure encompasses successful stints in leading firms in Bengaluru. His tremendous experience in design, advertising and project management for the print and web media holds him in good stead.

"I have been mentoring since 1998, and both learning and teaching are my passions. My students have consistently praised my abilities in both areas, and I take great pride in helping them achieve their training goals."

Learning Pathways​

These learning paths are designed to help you find the course you need based on the course product, your role, and your level of experience.