Adobe® After Effects® CC Batch/One-on-One Online Training

Whether you need to animation and creative compositing, you’ll almost certainly be using After Effects, Campus G’s Adobe After Effects course is what you need to bring out and enhance your Digital Compositing skills.

After Effects CC, the industry-standard animation and creative compositing app, you can take any idea and make it move. And create cinematic film titles, intros and transitions, Animate a logo or character.

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Adobe After Effects CC One-on-One Online Training: Welcome to the Adobe After Effects CC One-on-One Online Training program! This intensive course offers a comprehensive learning experience to help you master Adobe After Effects CC, a leading software for motion graphics and visual effects. With our one-on-one training approach, you’ll receive personalized attention from our expert instructors, allowing you to progress at your own pace and focus on areas that align with your specific goals and interests.

By enrolling in the Adobe After Effects CC One-on-One Online Training, you’re investing in your creative journey and acquiring the skills to bring your imagination to life. Our instructors are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, empowering you to unleash your full potential in the world of motion graphics and visual effects. Get ready to embark on an exciting learning adventure and unlock endless possibilities with Adobe After Effects CC!

Application version: Adobe After Effects CC
Training OS: Windows
Level of Training: Beginner to Advanced Level
Mode of Training: One-on-one Training/Instructor-Led Online Training
Course Duration: 28/56/84 Days
Class Hours: 5 hours classes in a week (Mon-Fri)
  • Introduction to Adobe After Effects CC: Familiarize yourself with the software interface, project organization, and essential tools.
  • Working with Layers and Compositions: Learn how to create, manipulate, and organize layers and compositions effectively.
  • Animation Techniques: Master keyframe animation, easing, motion paths, and interpolation methods to create dynamic and captivating animations.
  • Visual Effects and Compositing: Explore advanced techniques for creating and integrating visual effects, including compositing, chroma keying, and masking.
  • Motion Tracking: Discover how to track and apply graphics or effects to moving objects in footage, enabling seamless integration of visual elements.
  • 3D Motion Graphics: Dive into the world of 3D motion graphics and learn to create and animate 3D objects, lights, and cameras.
  • Expressions and Scripting: Unlock the power of expressions and scripting to automate complex animations and enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Audio Editing and Sound Design: Learn how to synchronize audio with visual elements, apply effects, and create immersive soundscapes for your projects.
  • Rendering and Output: Explore various rendering techniques, export settings, and output formats to ensure your projects look stunning on different platforms.
  • You will create amazing Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects CC
  • Create awesome Visual Effects using Adobe After Effects CC
  • Do Motion Tracking in Adobe After Effects CC
  • Create titles and lower third
  • Do 3D Camera Tracking in Adobe After Effects CC
  • Understand various resolutions and editing workflows
  • Personalized Instruction: Our trainers will tailor the course to your skill level and learning style, ensuring an optimized learning experience.
  • Flexibility: Adapt the training schedule to fit your availability and learning pace, allowing you to balance your other commitments while immersing yourself in the course.
  • Targeted Guidance: Receive individualized feedback and support to address your specific challenges and accelerate your progress in mastering Adobe After Effects CC.
  • Hands-on Projects: Engage in practical exercises and real-world projects that simulate professional workflows, enhancing your practical skills and confidence.
  • Q&A and Troubleshooting: Benefit from dedicated Q&A sessions and troubleshooting guidance, ensuring that you understand concepts thoroughly and overcome obstacles effectively.

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Designed to cater to different learning needs, our course offers three bootcamp options.

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